Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28 musings

So, I spent all week packing up the studio to move to my home shop.  Thanks to Sparky and Keith without whom I couldn't do it.  On one of my trips, this woman asked me if I was moving in, and I said, "Where have you been, after 3 years, I'm moving out?"  chestertown.  
It will be good to get me out of Chestertown.  It was my (our) best show and so few people even saw it.  The town art mavens didn't even bother.  


Friday, June 6, 2008

Last/Firsts and firsts and lasts

So today mare and i are having our last show at the liminalist gallery.  for more on liminalism see  maybe some other time i'll ramble on about it.  
Also, yesterday the boy (Sky) graduated (!) from fourth grade with about as much pomp and ceremony and little glitches as a small community school can provide.  I sat in the front row with a couple of other mothers i know and found myself bawling my eyes at this sappy song ("the wing beneath my wings") yikes!  my little boy is singing a bette midler song,  enough.  Thus ends a 20 year relationship between me and Worton Elementary School.